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Our history  
Maisis – Information Systems, Lda is a Portuguese software development company established in 1994. With about 70 employees, its main focus is to provide innovative services, products and solutions, mostly for the telecommunications market.

Our main business areas are: Software Factory services; Enterprise Content Management Solutions; Semantic Enterprise Solutions and R&D projects.

We have a strong R&D footprint, in 2009 we invested over 40% of the companies turnover, and we are present in several national and international R&D projects such as:

++ MATURE – Knowledge Management FP7 project.

++ OOBIAN – Enterprise 3.0 ecosystem, which comprises of several technologies such as: Ontologies; Indexing; Data Analytics; Information Extraction and Retrieval; and Natural Language Processing.

++ World Search – Microsoft Bing and FAST search engines semantic enrichment.

++ TICE.Healthy – Semantic interoperability for E-Health systems.

++ ISOFIN – Semantic interoperability for Insurance and Financial services.

++ E-Learning 3.0 – Semantic E-Learning platform, special focus in integration of semantic algorithms for Career and Competence Management systems.


To develop technological solutions, in order to serve each customer according to their needs.


To be a leading-edge company, able to create innovative top-line solutions.


++ Customer Centric

++ Confidentiality

++ Resilience

++ Competence

++ Creativity

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