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The Document Management solution for small sized companies  
Scanning, correspondence management, claims management and other typical needs in small sized businesses. Concerning its price and features and the reduced implementation time, this solution fits micro and small sized companies, up to 80 users.

The ECM for medium sized companies, ALFRESCO or SHAREPOINT based  
The collaborative content management available to medium sized organizations (between 20  and 100 employees). Turn your intranet into a real business ecosystem oriented to information sharing among employees.

The ECM for medium/large sized companies based on ALFRESCO ENTERPRISE EDITION  
Professional content and business processes management (ECM+BPM). Information share and integration  enhanced to the business knowledge and intelligence, based on ALFRESCO ENTERPRISE.

Knowledge Management for small and large sized companies  
OOBIAN is a product based on ontologies, able to relate all the  unstructured information inside an organization, turning them into structured information, the basis for the Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM).

The following products were developed tailored to customer needs. The successful implementation of these applications, as well as their technical developments and the increasing customers, became the basis for their productization.

Protocol conversion for Arcnet Industrial Machines  
The (Attached Resource Computer NETwork) is a protocol which became common in the 80's for industrial automation, replacing the human control of some manufacturing processes for the machine control. ATEC is our solution.

Traffic Watcher  
Video monitoring is becoming the best way to promote public and private places security. We can find these systems in roads, public transports, high crime areas, schools, industries, etc.

Events Management  
Our solution for events control based on operations track record, alarmism and intervention teams profile. This solution is characterized by automatisms able to trigger actions without human intervention.

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