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The Enterprise Content Management products  
Concerning the traditional scanning systems and document management, the ECM area represents a step ahead, allowing:

• The effective centralization of “inside the wall” contents lifecycle (all the unstructured and scattered information within organization).
• The value maximization of these contents rather than taking them as a cost, making them not only available to all, but also a part of the business processes, enabling them to nurture collaborative knowledge bases as wikis and knowledge management systems. These systems protect the companies’ biggest asset - the intellectual capital, the know-how.

Solution products:  

MAISIS Collaborative Solution for medium sized companies  
Convert your Intranet into a true ecosystem oriented to the creation and share of information among employees - an enterprise portal tailored to your needs!

Colaborative Solution based on ALFRESCO and SHAREPOINT  
Professional content management of business processes (ECM+BPM).


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