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E-Learning 3.0  

E-Learning 3.0 is a project developed by a consortium composed by I.Zone Knowledge Systems,  Universidade da Beira Interior,  ISEP - Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto and MAISIS. The purpose is to stimulate the creation of new business areas using existing technologies at the level of LMS or CMS platforms, and others supporting education, content and knowledge management, being possible to connect with others that will boost them (mobile devices, integrated communication tools, digital TV, amongst others).

The main goal is to improve and explore existing technologies, in an integrated way, stimulating the easier access for all users to learning contents, both in professional and educational contexts.  

The project eLearning 3.0, going through the web 3.0 concept, intends to make the platforms LMS more efficient, complete, familiar, friendly and smart.

We believe that the project eLearning 3.0, developed in Portuguese, could be a tool to enhance and ease the learning process. Once its efficiency and innovation is proven in the Portuguese context, it will be easy to overstep other markets and languages.

With an investment amount of more than 600 thousand Euros, the project is co-financed by QREN.

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