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The TICE.Healthy – Systems of Health and Quality of Life project aims to develop, integrate and test innovative technological approaches that will work as a basis for new products and services for markets linked to the aspect of “Health and Quality of Life.” TICE.Healthy’s mission is to boost the presence of Portuguese companies and organizations and, in particular, those of the CCT TICEs, in global markets in the field of strategy of TICE.PT called “Health and Quality of Life”. The mission shall follow 4 action lines, where several sub projects are assorted whose objectives, so-called Technical Objectives [TO´s], are listed below:

• Creation of conditions for safety, surveillance and self-control in an hospital environment [TO1];

• Increase patients’ autonomy and reducing their stay time in an hospital environment [TO2];

• Develop key technologies, such as biosensors and safe communications and their integration in systems to be worn or implanted, thereby providing both citizens and health-care professionals with an omnipresent management of their health condition [TO3];

• New reliable software tools providing support to health-care professionals so they can immediately make the best possible decision, for prevention, diagnose and treatment purposes [TO4];

 • Interoperability of eHealth systems (integrated information in terms of both diagnosis and process) [TO5];

• Develop technologies and products for personalized, continuous treatments, with patients actively participating in prevention and treatment [TO6];

• Develop remote diagnose and treatment solutions for specific conditions (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney and liver ailments, among others) [TO7];

• Develop IT-based solutions to support people with mental illness and stress [OT8].

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