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World Search Microsoft is a R&D project for future research technologies, general information and business-relevant semantics, with proper knowledge of the Portuguese language, culture and market. The project also aims the incorporation in a modular platform and subsequent demonstration in three strategic pilots within the following domains: Portuguese Web, Local Public Administration and Health.

The consortium believes that the solutions and results to be found with the pilots will truly benefit the present and future business requirements of the promoter (Microsoft), co-promoters and business partners.

They also believe there will be an effective incorporation in the project of this field’s scientific advances, introduced by the contributions of several R&D business centers and academic institutions (ISEP, University of Aveiro, FCUL), in a joint R&D perspective. The goals of this project and the expected results aim to place Portugal, in 2015, among the top 3 reference EU countries in Internet domain and corporate search technologies, increasing and making search domain a key component of the Portuguese strategy for Communication and Information Technologies.

The main goals of the project are: (1) Creation of innovative technology in Portugal; (2) Increase of R&D indicators of co-promoters and partners; and (3) Knowledge and wealth generation.

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